About Us

Applying to colleges and universities has never been easy - the lengthy process, the various Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, you name it!), and different (and sometimes contrasting!) opinions/feedbacks from friends and families, and the various application tips from various forums and blog posts (that you do not know how true they are, and worse, they sometimes contradict with each other...).

We have been through this process, and we have seen friends struggling through the process.

That is why we set up this company - Our mission is to help the experience be a little easier - to help to link up students who are already studying at your targeted school (your DREAM school) and you (as the parents or students who are trying to find out which school fits your character and personality the best)

This is a new way of gathering real facts and information about your DREAM school - be it the application process, the culture of the school, or the type of students that the school is admitting.

So please do sign up for the service and start getting direct, first-hand information about your DREAM school!

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