How does it work?

Step 1: Pick the right Tutor

With the APP, you can browse all the Tutors and their experience and strengths, as well as the College that they are currently attending.  You can pick the right Tutor based on the background to find one whose background matches best with your background.

Step 2: Free Chat with the Student

We have provided Free Chat Credits for you to send free chats to your selected Tutor(s) so that you will know the Tutor not just on paper, but by knowing him/her personally, making sure that he/she is the BEST match for your needs!

Step 3: Talk Live and Learn Real Facts!

Schedule time with your selected College Admission Tutor and talk LIVE with your Tutor.   Ask any questions you have about the Admission Process, your Dream school or any information you would like to learn – the first-hand information from Current Students at that school!

Why choose ZchoolTalk

Direct First Hand Information

Learn the first-hand information from someone INSIDE the school – forget all the rumours and not-sure-if-it-is-true information and sharing from forums, blogs.  You can learn much more about the culture, the environment and anything that you need to know about the Admission Process and your Dream School!

Rigorous Verification Process

We have a rigorous process in place to verify each and every student to make sure that the student you will talk to is really studying at the school he/she specified.  This gives you the most trusted and direct way to discover the First Hand information about your DREAM school!

Total Transparency

By working directly with your College Admission Tutors, there is TOTAL TRANSPARENCY on both sides – you know exactly how much the Tutor will get for the time and services that he/she provide.  Without the agency or consulting firm in-between, you will pay LESS while they will earn MORE – a win-win on both sides.