Help YOU be the most successful College Admission Tutor!

We strongly believe, the MOST important element in College Admission Counselling is the person behind each and every counselling work, not the agency or consulting firm in between. And we would like YOU to shine if you have successfully helped a High School student to go to his/her Top-Choice school, so that you can build your OWN BRAND as College Admission Tutors!

Why Choose ZchoolTalk platform?

Total Transparency

By working directly with the High School Students, there is TOTAL TRANSPARENCY on both sides – the High School Students know exactly how much you are paid.  Without the agency or consulting firm in-between, they will pay LESS while you will earn MORE – a win-win on both sides.  Any increase in fee paid by Students will immediately increase your EARNINGS!

Build your own BRAND

Helping High School Students getting admitted into their Top-choice school, the biggest contributor is YOU (besides of course the student himself/herself!), but not the Agency in-between.  We want to help you build your own BRAND – ALL success cases of college admission counselling will be YOUR cases to build your own BRAND!

Focus on coaching

You can focus on the coaching work, helping High School Students on college advice, college admission, test prep and other tips to help grow and nurture the High School Students.  We will take care of all marketing and promotion and to help you and the High School Students find the best match based on your strengths, character and past success cases!

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For Android Users:

If you are interested to become a Tutor/Coach but are using Android phones, please leave your contact information here and we will contact you immediately when the Android APP is ready!